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Reducers, reaffirming and depurative through manual tactics.

Deep work protocols based in different natural extracts like algae or coffee with potent draining, reaffirming, and reducers action.

We will awake your senses with exquisite rituals that will allow us restore the balance that your body needs to look beautiful on the outside.


The best aparatology

Always on the vanguard. We use the last tested innovations with studies that determine optimums results like presotherapy, cavitation, electrostimulation, linfanew…


Delicious relaxing rituals that they will refund you the balance and interior and exterior pace to the body. Consist of corporal peeling + wrapper + massage. Relax and enjoy.


It consists in a radiofrequency not invasive and painless that increase blood circulation and put on the cellular regeneration, resurfacing tissues, among them the stretch marks and finishing with fat adiposities that shows in our skin that rugged appearance(cellulitis).Further foments production of collagen and elastin so it reaffirms treatment zones, staying as more smooth and unified.
On the other hand, Indiba also is perfect to treat muscular pains so it is used for more athletes to recover from injuries.

Thanks to Indiba, we can also treat hair loss, since by increasing blood circulation and improving oxygen supply mino acids, vitamins and oligosaccharides, which are key to hair growth, are fixed.


  • Massada (Algae, coffee, lymphatic drainage, minceur)

  • Indiba

  • Presotherapy

  • Cavitation

  • Electrostimulation

  • Reducer

  • Elitium

  • Linfanew

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