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Wake up and activate your skin to make it look radiant.

Each skin is unique and needs a personalized treatment, for that in Elena Heredia before any treatment we make a skin diagnostic to evaluate its needs.


Facial hygiene

Deep cleansing of the skin. Personalized treatment according with skin type and its needs, closing the pore and removing impurities and black dots. Result: clean skin, hydrated and smooth.

LThe latest equipment and techniques more avant-garde for caring your skin.

MASSADA Natural Therapy

Facial manual treatments based in different therapies and oriental massages like kobido and ECOA to awake skin and facilitate the entry of the active ingredients. Totally customized on the skin type and using natural active ingredients. Bio cellular, hyaluronic acid, Massmed, pearls, Caviar, Nelhum…


Is exclusive combination of the last German   technology with dermaceuticals products, a powerful antiaging treatment with effects from the first session. Exfoliate, deep micro peeling, and by means totally painless heads, open more than 200000 canals allowing the penetration of the actives principles. Redefine the facial oval, smoothed the pore, reduce and fills wrinkles, in addition to delete small marks and scars and blur the marks.


This radiofrequency treatment active blood circulation and on this way, cellular renovation. With lasting results, get better skin quality getting more smooth, young and highlight skin (thanks to the tensor and reaffirming effect). Also, with cellular renovation correct skin marks and imperfections like acne marks and scars. Also, is a potent treatment for the eyes contour and eye bags thanks to draining a decongestion effect.


New and revolutionary concept in professional aesthetic with IPL equipment. It is based in the combined application of IPL  as an activating medium, with photodinamizing actives with cosmetic origin (optocosmetic). It allows to treat, more safety way, with less contraindication and with very high efficiency percentage, all type of problems. Offering, from the first session, exceptional and durables results, avoiding unnecessary aggressions by respecting at all times the natural time of the skin.


It is the facelift without surgery more used by celebrities. In our aging process, the current that sends the message from the brain to the muscles to rejuvenate is deteriorating, and not receiving that message correctly. CACI is the anti-aging treatment that obtains the recovery of the biological current itself or “Re-education muscle”, making the treatment the most durable known so far. It is using by more famous people like Jennifer Lopez, Kardashian, Jennifer Anniston.


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