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WAXING We use hot and warm wax About hot wax, we use wine therapy vinoterapia. It is made with grape seeds oil. It gives C and E vitamin and collagen and resveratrol to the skin. It helps to fight aging and loss of elasticityMoreover, wine tonetic and hydrate the skin, working like an antihistaminic and antibacterial, also is more painless. Warm wax is advisable for persons with sensitive skin because it irritates less the skin and it is better waxed legs and arms being that is more fast.

Laser depilation LASER DEPILATION: Each waxing is done personalised, because it depends of hair type and the moment in it be, it has different needs. We combine diodo laser and IPL to guarantee a progressive and permanent hair removal in a fast way because each is for a different type of hair. It is design for all the skin phototypes also tanned skin.

ELECTRIC DEPILATION This technic eliminates all hair types: fine, with few melanin. Every hair is treated individually to get better results.

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