Project Description

Restore confidence and self-esteem

Thea oncology micropigmentation is a big ally for the patients who have to undergo a breast intervention because it will let she to restore confidence a self-esteem.

Cares of the skin and scalp. In those moments, so hard for the patient we want help she to feel better with herself no loos the strong. Elena Heredia is a skin specialist, before, during and after of a oncology process. She will advise you the better treatment for your skin. On the other hand, our stylist is an expert about scalp care inside of a programmed alopecia as well as in the advice of wigs and handkerchiefs.

Wig bank

All the persons that are in a medic process that supposed lost hair and for any reason can’t buy a new wig, could take advantage to the wig bank. Simply, have to come to the saloon where, with the help of our stylist, will choose the wig with which she feels better.

We will condition it for her use and she can use it free till the end of the treatment. On the other hand, all the persons who passed for a medic process and used wig, but now do not need it, could give us it. We will condition it to offer it to another person.

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