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Project Description

Get better your own relationship and with the others

E motional intelligence development show us our abilities to know our selves, control our state of mind, have an effective management of our conflicts with family, in work environment, social… living with more happiness, serenity and success. This self-knowledge is the base to enhance our positives and healthy personal relations.

We teach you:

  • To undo toxic emotions and thoughts and enjoy, during more time, pleasant emotions, that is to say, to regulate your emotional state for that you can transform negative emotional statements like stress, anxiety or irritability in states of motivation, enthusiasm or optimist.
  • To know better and to get better your capacity of take correct decisions create a systematic and effective action plan based on your own objectives and to be able to build the future that you dream.
  • To get better your social abilities and your capacity to enjoy harmonious relations. Couple therapy.
  • How to free ourselves from the fears that paralyze us.

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